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Welcome to Amazing Arches :wave:

The main focus of the group is highlighting
the Beauty of Natural and Architectural Arches.

To join the group just click on the "join" button at the top of this page. If you would just like to watch, you´re welcome, too!

Submission Rules:

:iconddrarrowrightplz: WHAT IS AN ARCH?

:star: A structure, especially one of masonry, forming the curved, pointed, or flat upper edge of an open space and supporting the weight above it, as in a bridge or doorway.

:star: A structure, such as a freestanding monument, shaped like an inverted U.

:star: A curve with the ends down and the middle up also seen in Nature in form of Natural Bridges for example.

Please notice:
:star: Only Photography and Photomanipulations are accepted
:star: Submission limit: 10 pictures per day per member
:star: For the People and also the Nude Folder are only accepted pictures of higher quality and the submission limit for these folders is 3 per day per member (might change)
:star:Please take care that your picture is of good quality, only submit your best work!
:star:the focus of your picture has to be on the arch
:star: the artwork you submit must be taken by you
:star:Please submit to the right folder!
:confused: If you’re not sure which folder your Deviation belongs in, please send a Note :icontyperhappyplz:
:star: If your work was declined please don't take it personally, feel free to ask for the reason and submit another work :nod:

Please be kind to each other :iconhuggleplz:

:idea: Any questions, critique, ideas? Feel free to send a note! :icontyperhappyplz:

Gallery Folders

The Journey of a Lifetime ~ Mosaic by GeneRazART
Phenomena by GeneRazART
At the top of the hill by GeneRazART
Phantast17 by GeneRazART
An Arch is A Saddle Turned Upside Down by tmulcahy
touch your toes by Buntcone
Columbia Icefields Pano by KRHPhotography
Orchestra by DasGhul
Traditional Artwork with Arches
Berliner Dom by TFuruhashii
Manaino-taki waterfall by TFuruhashii
The wall of Aoba castle by TFuruhashii
Happy New Year 2017 by MadGardens
Digital Paintings Drawings with Arches
Planet princess by Kva-Kva
Alien princess by Kva-Kva
Taking away by Kva-Kva
Dream Castle by Ellixus
Photomanipulations with Arches
I Ching 63 - Chi Chi (After Completion) by annewipf
Assassin by annewipf
Waterfalls  Door by annewipf
Tethys collecting the sun (2) by annewipf
Natural Bridges in the Desert
Big Bend National Park by SharPhotography
The Search by SharPhotography
Desert Glory by SharPhotography
Say Goodnight to Day by SharPhotography
Natural Bridges on the Ocean
Rain Drops and Rainbows by SharPhotography
29-06-2014  Iceland - Dyrholaey 7 by Dunkel17
29-06-2014  Iceland - Dyrholaey 6 by Dunkel17
Futatsushima by TFuruhashii
Arches Monuments, Buildings Frontview
Iglesia de San Francisco by Autodidacta
Fachada by Autodidacta
Cathedral by DasGhul
Light Weight by DasGhul
Arches Bridges
Puente de la antigua via by Autodidacta
Vista nocturna by Autodidacta
Arco del puente y rio by Autodidacta
Puente, rio e iglesia by Autodidacta
Other Arches in Nature
Bahar sefasina... by fiyonk14
Ventana rocosa by Autodidacta
for ibrahim... by fiyonk14
Koyverirsin... by fiyonk14
Arches Doorways
Casa de la Tierra by Autodidacta
Arches Windows
Galeria renacentista by Autodidacta
Arches Tunnels, Portals
Palacio de los condes de Gomara by Autodidacta
Arches inside Churches Cathedrals
Boveda de la ermita by Autodidacta
Other Architectural Arches
Bir resim yaptim... by fiyonk14
Arches in Nature blackwhite sepia
Angry Skies by DasGhul
Architectural Arches blackwhite sepia
Consumer by DasGhul
Monastery Allerheiligen by mIkeschwaRz
People forming Arches
hand by aloner777
People forming Arches NUDE

Mature Content

Wary Hiker by Alan-H-Bruce
Amazing Arches with NUDE Peole

Mature Content

Find Her Light by Alan-H-Bruce
CONTEST Beautiful Autumn Arches CLOSED
Fallen Giant in Fall by KeldBach

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Your team on Amazing Arches:
feel free to note us if you have any question, wish, idea, critique... :icontyperhappyplz:









Everyone deserves to be featured IV

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 16, 2016, 3:58 PM

Art Feature for my Watchers and Friends.
Thank you all who participated in my poll…

Thank you so much!!

Now, feature time...........

Green fairy by KellieArt

The Big Reveal by GeneRazART

Long Beach Harbor on a misty night by awesome43

Opposite love and distance by MaddelineVanPaire    Gracia Papercraft (Finished) by Amber2002161

Purple rain... by skaleczona

Winter Magic by Pendragon-Arts

Moonstrider - winter fox by Kolewazaki-san  Vaporeon by Shinigami-Souls

Praying for you by KatZaphire

H 12 by EhX-KoR  Mew Raspberry by BinkaKitty  Ghastly by Aya-Lunar

Remember the melody by brietolga

Robot Fashion by GirlWithTheGreenHat  Book cover by nishagandhi  Lily Collins by LadyDattebayo

Pose as a Team. The World is Real (Inktober) by QwistayCat

Myst Moonstruck the Elemental in Flame guise by MystMoonstruck  Kessiah by MattLovesArt1  #18 Moana by CatherineDaydreamer

Happy Halloween ft. Guilty Kiss! by KheilaHirai

Newt Scamander [Pixel] by Ero-Haru  For my friend c: by Supurr Slugboats: Pansies Batch (OPEN!) by Dance4life628

The Galaxy In An Eye by Lisanne12

Pond by SweetBumblebee  Rooster by ProbablyAPotato  Erza Scarlet by QueenofChangeling

I'm your little gift! by Martith

The candy thief by Friturik  Asgardian [Comission] by Starframe3D

Random thiefshipping by shindianaify

~:GIFT:~ That bitch is a got damn problem~ by Rhiechou  Christmas Elf by marphilhearts

Holy Spirit by PrincessMagical

April =3 by AprilTheFurry  C: Clumsy by Szarlotki

Deep Sea Adventure by Catstudio7

[OC] Sasha by Shana20 Fight Me by Ajehandra ART_5EC by ART5EC 

Devoured, Deflowered by liyaperfidious

Atemu by redconvoy  Dood by NutkinIsNutbutter  Wolf doodle....I guess by AnnaDra  Geisha #1 by Carrinn

Wandering by Malamute456  Entry for Clip Studio Paint Contest: Frozen Heart by DrawXAngel Time For Christmas by General-Mudkip

All things that Glow by Furreon

Emma by GreenkaWorks  Mapleshade by Morgana-Mikaelson

Lance by Exploding-Waffles  SOJ: Halloween Spin the Bottle (Dares!) by Iheartpokemon672  When I'm rollin' through the... by Krinosa

Pretty in Pink by RebeccaMArt

Chibi NaLu (Biker Chronicles) by DaVonteWagner  Koter by x-UnwrittenSinners-x Germany and Nyo!Germany (Beautiful World) by MaskedLady710

All must belong to me... only...! - 2015 by slox-san

SunsetSunrise Drawing/ by MidnightWaifuWaffles  Fix a Heart by xXMoonlightShadowwXx

Abyssal Downfall by RolandLatoreSpeed

You've worked hard for us by Sueszii  Red Elf by xinxe

Planetary Conference by BlazingFireBug  My Seventh Celebration by QueenFoxyArt LOL Poppy fanart by WeiLoL

SOJ Merry Christmas by MotherOfCrap

Untitled by Milena897  Tea Party WALLPAPER by Stefania1000

Sailor Moon by Colorless-fantasy  Winterrr by ROiika

Fuck yea it's christmas by Tamaka-Media

Levi x Reader - Shared Wounds [Soulmate!AU]Soulmates are a pain in the neck. Literally.
You winced slightly as you felt the wound on your leg open up again. Bending down in your chair, you massaged your knee, your fingers running down your smooth skin. The pain obviously did not subside but the motion made you feel better. Knowing that the problem couldn’t be solved on your end, you straightened your back and speedily typed out a single line on your computer.
> Are you treating your leg properly?
The answer came pretty fast and you sighed in relief as the pain reduced to a dull ache.
> Sorry about that. Just did a quick disinfection on it.
Your eyebrows furrowed, knowing that he was obsessed about hygiene.
> Are you in the field?
While waiting for an answer, your fingers drummed on the table, a sign that you were anxious. His mission should be over by now and he should be off the field. The fact that he was still out there somewhere, possibly in a direct line of fire, made you worry to

Have you all a great weekend!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:


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